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Getting the Best Value for Insurance in North Carolina

You can’t plan for everything in life, but you can prepare for the unexpected. At Hicks & Associates Insurance and Financial Services LLC, we help you choose the right insurance policies to protect yourself and your loved one. Furthermore, we assess your needs to guide you towards the best value for insurance in North Carolina. Don’t pay for coverage you don’t need; find the right balance by talking to our team.

Having a healthy mouth and good vision is important for everyone, including seniors. However, Original Medicare (Part A and B) does not provide senior dental insurance or vision insurance unless the need is related to particular medical conditions. Talk to us for help finding affordable, senior-friendly dental, and vision plans.

Understanding the True Value of Life Insurance

(Excerpt from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Life Lessons Learned p. 13)

Not only can insurance products help in retirement and leave a legacy, but they can also take care of final expenses. One should prepare for longevity with adequate retirement money and prepare for death with adequate life insurance.

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Life policies are a valuable tool for protecting your family’s financial security in the event of premature death. Many plans are available, so consult with our professionals to determine which is right for you. We can also show you a more secure way to save for retirement by choosing the appropriate annuity, which is an insurance product that guarantees the safety of both the principal and interest earned.

The purpose of life insurance is to ensure financial security of the family in case of premature death, preserve estates and pay fees, meet final expenses, clear outstanding debt, and support favorite charities.


There are really only two types of life insurance:  Whole life (permanent), and term life. They may be given different names depending on lots of moving parts such as fixed or flexible benefits, accrual of cash value which may be fixed or flexible, and the premium amount which may be fixed or flexible. Take a look at the following definitions:

Term life - like a "lease". Lasts for a certain amount of time, then it's over, Affordable and requires medical investigation. Can be declined for health reasons. No cash value. May be renewed from one to thirty years.

Whole Life - Builds cash value. Some require an exam. Others do not. Some are guaranteed issue. Cost more than term.

Other names: Adjustable premium, flexible premium, universal life, variable universal life, and indexed universal life.

At Hicks & Associates Insurance & Financial Services LLC we know how to assess your needs to provide you with the right type and right amount of cheap life insurance. We can also show you a more secure way to save for retirement through choosing the appropriate annuity, which is an insurance product that guarantees the safety of both the principle and interest earned.

Dental/Vision Original Medicare does not cover senior dental insurance or vision plans unless it's related to a medical condition such as glaucoma due to diabetes. A healthy mouth and vision can enhance your overall well-being. Click on the link to let us help you find an affordable dental or vision plan.

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